susan sevier mcmurry

Mixed media artist

As an artist, Susan Sevier McMurry has found her own unique way to express her heart’s desires through her creative experiences. Using acrylics, paper and inks, Susan flows through an intuitive process allowing her love of color and mark-making to express how she chooses to see every day as a miracle and bring her visions to life.

She hopes each viewer is drawn to the light and magic in each piece; inviting a closer look and thereby igniting a spark or remembrance of one’s own magic.
Her favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn begins with “I believe in pink,"  a color you will always find in Susan’s work.

Susan values faith, family, her dog Toby, daily exercise, friendship, and the great outdoors, especially the beach. She sees all of life’s experiences as a clue or a message. She feels blessed to be doing what she loves and knows the best is yet to come in her new hometown of Wilmington, NC.

Facebook:  Susan Sevier McMurry ~ Instagram:  susan_s_art