marla rice-evans

mar's bag-ettes ~ pursue the journey

Mar's Bag-Ettes are one-of-a-kind, handmade, multi-pocketed, recycled/up-cycled crossbody bags sure to compliment any style. Marla Rice-Evans created these hip and sassy bags so women can take the weight of the world off their shoulders, downsize a bit and carry their basics and essentials along each day.

Mar's Bag-Ettes are a safe, hands-free, close to the body way to carry your necessities while traveling, walking the dog, going to brunch, the doctor, a concert, or even to work.Marla's crossbody bags offer original designs of tapestry, denim, or mixed fabrics that are chic and perfect for the on-the-go traveler or anyone wanting to resonate their personality as they carry their "lighter" spirit around every day.

Not to mention Mar's Bag-Ettes make absolutely perfect gifts.

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