leigh roberts studio

contemporary abstract artwork

Leigh Roberts is a modern abstract artist as well as a photographer currently working out of her own studio and gallery in North Carolina. When she first began her professional career as an artist in 2015, Leigh explored the use of epoxy resin with other mediums. Now, she utilizes a combination of acrylics, spray paints, and ink, as well as some epoxy resin in particular pieces. The techniques she uses have always been exploratory.

Through channeling those different techniques comes her natural flow of energy and emotion, creating a modern abstract thumbprint in her work. Her pieces can be stark, contrasting, and even melancholy at times. There is a constant curiosity, always seeking to evolve while finding the beauty and internal balance in the simplest brush strokes, paint pours, or applications.

Jessica Keisling, Leigh's Porch Host, will be representing Leigh Roberts Studio during the art crawl due to an artist scheduling conflict. Leigh regrets not being able to attend, but still welcomes you to view her extraordinary work. She will reach out to you directly if you are interested in purchasing any one or more of her fine pieces or contacting her for a commission.

"My art is derived from a fire within me; from a place of true heart and soul. Sometimes from a place of agony and defeat, but mostly from love and sentimentality. I love what I do and who I was created to be. Thank you for listening, supporting, and loving art as much as I do." ~Leigh Roberts, Leigh Roberts Studio