holly walker

the vintage typewriter poet

 Holly Walker is a Typewriter Poet who writes on-the-spot poetry using her vintage typewriter. Give her a word, phrase, idea, or nothing at all, and she will write a poem just for you! Holly's spontaneous, customized improvisation of words is sure to delight one and all.

Available for parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers and even personal keepsakes, Holly Walker, the Typewriter Poet, is the best way to connect everyone through poetry. From art openings to corporate events, weddings to holiday parties, and birthdays to baby showers, there’s no event that isn’t enhanced by a Typewriter Poet! 

Holly's poems are perfect as meaningful mementos, personalized gifts, or party favors.  She also sells other vintage goodies such as mystery wax-sealed typewriter poems, typewritten love notes and fortunes.
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Follow Holly on Instagram and Twitter:  @hollystwpoetry