brian jones

Brian Jones is a mixed media artist and sculptor based out of Wilmington, NC.

Brian uses reclaimed wood and salvaged metal with traditional and non-traditional techniques to create a medium on which he constructs mathematical thread sculptures using steel spikes and various thread bodies.

He also salvages steel and iron to finish, weld, and engrave the bases of freestanding pieces. Sometimes ceramic is used. "Painting is my therapy," Brian states.  

Each unique piece contains stored potential energy in the hundreds of ft./lbs. This causes each piece to weigh more than the sum of its parts. The famous equation E = mc^2 proves it.

Brian has dedicated the last four years of his life developing this distinctive aesthetic to thread art. In addition, he also expresses his artistic endeavors through fine food and culinary art. 

Working with wood and steel is a deeply rewarding endeavor that Brian thoroughly enjoys. "Geometry and aesthetics have always fascinated me."