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anne mccombie/renato abbate

What’s more beautiful than an Integration of Art and Life, Fabulous Music and Street Tacos?

Art Centered Ceramics & Metalworks at 2016 Wrightsville Avenue.

Art Centered is the love child of husband and wife duo Renato Abbate and Anne McCombie. Together they have created a home for their children where art is ingrained in all areas. There is nothing they can’t do and nothing they can’t create. 

For Art-Oberfest 2023, not only will they be featuring their combined artisan works, they will also be hosting musician Jonathan Grogan and serving up made-to-order grilled street tacos. 

In the early 2000s Anne and Renato met at UNCW in the ceramics studio and have worked to spread their love of art to the community. While their focus has always been ceramics, they like to play with other mediums also.

Besides Renato’s relentless search for the perfect mug, he has developed a curiosity for the hammered mark. Not only does he mold 3d vessels from a mound of clay, but he savors the details that develop as he applies heat and begins to hammer sheets of metal into his fun creatures, and forging steel into functional blades.

Attempting to create a form of balance in their life, Anne has recently began experimenting with apothecary and crystal healing. Blending flavors and smells to stimulate feelings of calm has led her into a path of creating jewelry and fuses wearable essential oil diffusers that include crystals and natural elements to aid the the search for balance. Her ceramics include functional wares as well as vessels to hold her beloved plants. Her green thumb helps her grow medicinal herbs and edible flowers to provide nourishment to her family.

Together they’ve turned their home and life into one big art project. Pottery, Forging, Gardening, Carpentry and Food are just some of their favorite things. Please contact Renato Abbate or Anne McCombie with Art Centered with any of your artistic needs.
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